Top 10 Reasons to Have a Company eStore


Centralize and Streamline Marketing Activities

A company eStore is a private website that hosts pre-designed templates of your company’s most commonly ordered print and promotional items. Using web-to-print technology, you can order business cards, brochures, flyers, promotional products, apparel/uniforms, trade show displays, signage, etc.; view online proofs instantaneously; and checkout—all within 10 minutes!


Eliminate Tedious Marketing Tasks

With a company eStore, you will no longer have to…

  • Produce multiple versions of the same artwork, such as business cards
  • Be interrupted by reorder requests or reviewing and sending proofs
  • Search for old files and resend new files
  • Request and review vendor bids
  • Coordinate fulfillment and shipping
  • Scramble to reprint inventoried items. You can check inventory in real time


Brand Integrity

Company eStores make it easy to maintain a consistent image, ensure print quality and eliminate inaccurate usage of logos, artwork and message.

  • You can predetermine which art and/or text can or cannot be modified by end-users
  • Designate who has access to the digital assets
  • Update old logos across the board
  • Choose the color palette/PMS colors
  • Stock the media library with pre-approved photos and artwork


Simplify the Approval Process

Since company eStores contain pre-selected products at approved price points and designs, orders do not need to be shepherded through decision makers, nor do you have to repeatedly send out RFPs. You can easily define which site users need ordering approval and who can approve the orders (this can vary by the department). When a user with limited permissions places an order, admins are automatically notified by email to complete the approval process and, if necessary, make changes.


Shared Digital Assets

Don’t ever search for artwork, files, mailing lists or logos again. They can all be stored in your eStore’s online media library.

  • Control who can view, upload and download the assets
  • Assets can be global or specific to user accounts, groups or products
  • Your files will always be up-to-date with minimal effort


Consolidate Vendors

  • Save money with pre-negotiated volume pricing
  • Reduce the number of invoices
  • One point of contact
  • Consistent quality and materials


Cloud-based Advantages

  • 24/7 easy access from anywhere
  • Supported on iPads, mobile devices, PCs and MACs
  • Data is not lost when a computer crashes
  • SSL security


Save Time and Money

  • Multi-tiered approval system
  • Consistent print quality
  • Pre-negotiated volume pricing reduces cost and time spent on RFPs
  • Minimize human errors and the time spent correcting them
  • Eliminate rogue purchases
  • Reduce design fees
  • Consolidate vendors


Inventory, Fulfillment and Kitting Services

Tired of handling the distribution of your marketing materials? Creative Ally can ship to anyone, anywhere, and we can combine multiple items for direct mail campaigns, trade shows and/or special promotions before shipping out.

Is your current inventory unaccounted for? We can take whatever items you have, itemize them and enter the counts into your eStore. You can move forward from there in an organized, documented manner.

  • Real-time data and usage reports
  • Automatically receive an alert when products reach minimum levels
  • Print larger quantities to receive better pricing


Custom Reporting

  • Track orders by dates, users, locations, departments, item categories, inventory levels, and much more (90+ fields to choose from)
  • Export to CSV, Excel, PDF and Word files
  • Control who has access to the report panel
  • Modify column order
  • Save report settings

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