Women and the Law Event Promotion


Creative Ally had only been working with Cooley Law School for a few months when the marketing director divulged that the school was not meeting its enrollment quota and severe cutbacks and layoffs were around the corner. She wanted us to know that the marketing materials we were working on NEEDED to work, especially for the upcoming event that was specifically aimed at recruiting female students. She wanted our input on how we could attract a large turnout while working within a tight budget.


We recommended a direct mail campaign designed to look like an invitation, but she was resistant to the idea because she had previously tried direct mail with dismal results of only 50 RSVPs with a typical no-show rate of 40%. It was an embarrassing turnout that she didn’t want to repeat.

We explained that direct mail can be a tricky beast. It needs to be personal, relevant and packed with benefits, all nestled within a well-written story.

She agreed to proceed with the direct mail invitation package that included an invitation card and a letter, RSVP card and return envelope. To save money, it was printed as a one-color job. The letter clearly explained to the recipients what they could expect to learn at the event and how it would benefit them.

After responding, the potential students received two free tickets that included dinner. They also had the option to purchase additional tickets. This helped to establish a value for the event.


It was a full house! The ecstatic marketing director phoned from the balcony stating they had ran out of room because the no-show rate was an unprecedented, low rate of 20%. Over 300 people attended the event! After that, the college could not get enough of the direct mailers that we created for them, turning the school’s future around. Within a few years, they became the largest law school in the nation.


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