The American Dairy Association of Michigan asked us to come up with a holiday promotion. The goal was to encourage grocery-store shoppers to buy two gallons of ice cream in the wintertime. The promotional giveaway also needed to be easy for the employees to transport, setup and hand out.

We proposed the idea of going with the Beanie Babies craze at that time. They agreed, so we moved ahead with the manufacturing of a bean bag cow with a custom ear tag — complete with a box that delivered flat, but easily popped up, allowing the employees to quickly assemble and hand out the giveaways. The box served as the cow’s “barn”, complete with a recipe on the back. The two pieces were kitted into cardboard boxes and shipped throughout the state. (You don’t realize how much space 50,000 stuffed cows take up until you see a semi-truck arrive.) Fortunately, all of the cows were a hit with children and adults alike, and the promotion was repeated the following year.


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